Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No cable equals ?

So in the quest to save money before I have to quit my big girl job (aka professional job) in January I canceled my cable on Monday morning. I haven't watched much of it, or at least I thought, in the last few months so I figured why not? Apparently I watched more than I thought. The last few days I have gotten quite a bit accomplished. Stuff that was typically waiting until the weekends that I was actually home to get done like laundry, cooking, and working out. I have been that woman that in the past has skipped going to the gym and just said "I'm just going to go home and work out". What do you think I actually did when I got home? If you said everything but work out you'd be correct (sorry no prizes for winning). I would watch TV, I'd play with Chloe (my adorable pooch who is definitely cuter than yours), play on Facebook, jump on a forum, or a million other things. However, not having the option to plop down in front of the TV has given me the motivation I needed to get on the ball with all the things that I'm wanting to get down around here.

The barrier to that is scheduling. As I write this I'm already currently behind what I was hoping would be my new set bedtime of 11:30. I have a horrible sleep schedule as of now. I go to bed between 12:30 and 1:00 and get up at 8:00, which is just enough time to get ready and get out the door to be at the office by 9:00. Sometimes I'll end up doing a little work from home first and then going into the office, but either way my sleeping schedule sucks. Add on me being a full-time graduate student and trying to date and be the best friend possible and well chaos is inevitable. So the only way I can get the chaos under control is planning, planning, and more planning. However, even the best laid plans go wrong (IE: blogging 15 minutes past bedtime) and so I must be dedicated and committed and willing to be honest with myself about where I'm getting off course. So, with that said it is time for bed. So I wish you all a goodnight and the sweetest dreams that one can dream.

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