Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting to know me #1

I was thinking last night that I have some blog followers who don't really know me. You're following my life changing journey and yet what do you really know about me except that I'm overweight, I have no cable, and I'm in counseling for some past/current issues? So from time to time I'm going to post some insights into what makes me, well me! Today is your first insight.

1) I like to drink orange juice with my pizza. I'm not quite sure why, but if I'm eating pizza I'm probably drinking orange juice.
2) I love pictures and I like to be surrounded by them so therefore I have them all over my walls in my house. Everywhere you look you'll see my family, friends, and me sharing in some great memories.
3) I have to be cold when I sleep. Not sleeping in -5 below temperatures, but about a 65 degree temperature. If I'm hot I can't sleep and then I get cranky and me cranky sleepy is not a good me.
4) I don't eat vegetables, which makes this whole losing weight thing harder. I like peas, corn, and sometimes carrots (potatoes too but those aren't exactly ideal). I'll eat broccoli, mushrooms, or spinach if it's in small pieces and cooked in something. I HATE peppers. Gross!
5) I once punched an ex-boyfriend, right in the jaw, when he told me that he wasn't actually going through divorce but that they had an open relationship while he was away working. I don't condone physical aggression at all, but in this case it was justified and it felt good! And yes I did break up with him then and there.
6) I have a hard time picking a favorite author so my top three would be Jodi Picoult (pronounced Pea-coe), Nicholas Sparks, and Emily Giffin.
7) Seven is my favorite number so I'll probably do seven random facts about me at a time.

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