Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OUCH and an update!

I am so sore today. My back, my legs, my abs...especially my abs. I have been doing this workout for a week now, which consists of 30 minutes walking/jogging/running, abs, and stretching. I have had mild soreness, but today I'm hurting. And maybe it's because I took the weekend off and was a complete slub, and by that I mean I cleaned house and did homework and slept all weekend. We all deserve those weekends, right? I guess the lack of exercise is hitting me today. Grr! I guess it just means that I'll have "fun" working out the kinks tonight with my run.

Now on to the update...I am officially 8 lbs down this past month!!! Get this girl some balloons and hold the cake! It feels good to be back on the weight loss train after so many months of missing it as it pulled away from the station. However, I am back and it's full steam ahead. It makes me feel like I can do this again and I WILL get past my plateau weight this time. It's just going to take a lot of dedication and will power to get there. Just three more pounds to go and I can officially say I'm back to 30 lbs. lost. And then it's on to my next goal of five lbs to break my plateau weight from before. How are y'all doing on your goals and weight loss?

Counseling is going well. I am still going every two weeks and he's really helping me to find my confidence. I have always had body issues, and still have them. But I'm not so worried about what guys think of my body at this stage in the game. Yes, I still have my moments before meeting someone for the first time. I wonder if he's going to instantly not like me because I have a belly pooch or a little extra padding on my thighs. But I just talk those things away. Because I know that "the one" for me won't judge me based on the extra fluff I have. He's going to love me for who I am and what I bring to the relationship and not whether I have a six pack of abs (although I'd know I would rock those things like no one's business) LOL.

Sleep schedule...this makes me laugh. If I could actually get my butt to sleep by 11:30 it would be a miracle. It doesn't matter if I bust my butt at work, then have a great workout, and do homework before bed because I'm still not getting to sleep by 11:30. I'm just not a person who requires a lot of sleep, but it would be nice to have a more "normal" sleep schedule. Sigh...at that to the list of not normal things about me.

Life is getting better. It's a nice change from where I was two months ago. It's not been easy and actually has been really hard so far, but I'm loving the direction I'm headed and only see bright things on the horizon!

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