Friday, February 4, 2011

The dating world

The dating world is a lot like dandelions. You grow, you bloom, and then your blooms are blown away by nature or by some person who comes and picks you, blows off the petals, and then throws you back on the ground. My life has been a lot like this. There have been things that have happened in my life that took away my blooms. Deaths, a near death experience, heart surgery for my mama, and so much more. Nature was doing what it does and threw curves ball at me. And romantically I've had a few guys who have come and swept me off my feet, played their games, blew off the petals, and threw me back to the ground without a care of whether or not I'd have the chance to grow back again.

I think it's time I become that picker this time around. I'm tired of being the dandelion. I want to be the one who walks through the fields, takes in the scenery, and picks which dandelion is going to be mine to do with as I please. I think after the years of dating life catastrophe I deserve that right? Here's to hoping that the date tonight, an amazing date at that, is the start of me making the right choices for myself. The start to not getting blown apart and thrown to the ground.

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  1. you deserve only the best that life has to give :)