Thursday, January 5, 2012

Upcoming surgery

For anyone that is friends with me on FB you know that I've had a rough couple of months with my gall bladder. I spent a few hours Thanksgiving night in the ER and have multiple issues and attacks since then with the most recent being NYE (what is with me and holidays?). After going to the ER I started the round of tests that would help to determine what was going on with me. At the ER they ran a few tests and determined it was not my liver and I did not have gall stones stuck in the ducts. From there, I was sent to have an ultrasound on my gall bladder to see if I had gall stones in my gall bladder. The results from that came back and no gall stones. The last test I had done was a HYDA scan. A HYDA scan monitors your gall bladder activity prior to an ejection fracture test, which is done to send your gall bladder into a fake attack. They then monitor your gall bladder during the ejection fracture to see how well it is functioning.

I got those test results a few days ago and my gall bladder is functioning at 23%. I'm lucky that it's not worse, but that means that only 23% of the time my gall bladder is functioning like it's supposed to which explains why I'm all over the place with attacks from week to week. My body is trying to do what it's supposed to do, but it's not always successful. I received the paperwork from the surgeon and I have a surgical consultation on January 17th.

I have had surgery before, but never laproscopic surgery. I also do not have a great track record with surgery and recovery. When I was nine I had my tonsils out. I ended up spending four days and three nights in the hospital due to complications. I went to have surgery on my wrist in September 2000 and the anesthesia went to my brain and killed me for close to two minutes (axillary block anesthesia, completely the anestheseologist's fault). However, with the bad I should note the good. I went back to have my cyst removed on my wrist two months later and it was successful. I was in, out, and the only issue was my hysterically crying coming out of anesthesia haha. I had all four wisdom teeth removed in June 2009 and I had zero complications from that. It was actually so successful that by the next day I was not taking any pain medication and had zero swelling.

I know that my few issues with surgery were a long time ago and what is meant to happen will happen. There is no preparation that I can do, with the exception of praying, that will guarantee a great, successful outcome. I pray that the surgeons are well rested, have confidence in their skills, and that I will come out feeling better than I have in a few months. I know that all will be OK and fear has no place in my mind or heart. Easy peasy, right?! :)

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  1. wow I heard this on FB... I am actually going in for tests on the 15th they think I have gall bladder disease.. last aug/sept I went to the ER a couple of times in severe pain but they couldn't find anything.. I hope that things go smoothly and that you feel better asap!! will be thinking of you!